Villa Sungai is a 5-star luxury honeymoon property with two private pool villas nestled into the jungle of Cepaka, a lush rice farm village 10 minutes from the ocean on the west coast of Bali. Two villas can be used separately for groups of six, or combined with a secret passageway to become one large villa for a group of 12.

The property is surrounded by incredible greenery and sits on an embankment overlooking a meandering river (the word 'Sungai' itself translates to 'river' in the English language), so I wanted to capture the warm, slow, quiet energy of the villa with edits that feel just as rich and soft as the energy of the villa itself. 
“Two ridiculously private residences that fuse a traditional village experience with five-star trappings to create a bespoke idyll.” – Harper’s Bazaar

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